Intermediate Swimming Lessons for Kids

Intermediate Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming Faster, Better and Stronger

The Intermediate Swimming Lessons are for children with basic swimming skills who want to learn more on water survival. This program focuses on basic survival and rescue skills.


SwimSafer is a national water safety program, designed to teach your child the most important skill they will ever need – swimming in a fun and safe way.

This progressive program will help children of all ages and abilities develop water safety and swimming skills at their own pace through a positive, fun learning experience, ensuring that your child will have a fun, safe swim.

The SwimSafer Program is made up of three levels: SwimSafer Bronze, SwimSafer Silver and SwimSafer Gold.

SwimSafer Bronze

Personal Survival and Stroke Improvement Skills

The child's stroke techniques are focussed on, in the SwimSafer Bronze Level. This is coupled with co-ordinated breathing while swimming 100 metres. Principles of water safety will be introduced while rescue and personal survival skills are worked on.

SwimSafer Bronze

Enter water using a compact jump.
Demonstrate a backward and forward somersault in the water.
Search for and recover an object in 1.5metres of water depth.
Demonstrate a feet-first surface dive.
Swim 100metres continuously.

  • 25metres front crawl
  • 25metres breaststroke.
  • 25metres backstroke.
  • 25metres survival backstroke or sidestroke.

Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt, demonstrate 3 minutes swimming slowly using any appropriate swim stroke, changing each minute.
Perform a throw rescue using an unweighted rope over a distance of 6 metres.
Wade to a person and deliver a floatation aid in deep water.
Approach in 'ready' position.
Principles on water craft safety.


SwimSafer Silver

Intermediate Personal Survival and Stroke Refinement Skills

Fundamentals of diving will be introduced. Development of rescue skills and personal survival knowledge will also continue at more advanced levels. Children will need to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques to complete this stage.

SwimSafer Silver

Demonstrate a dive entry (crouching).
Keep face above the water for 60 seconds sculling with hands only.
In 1.5metres water depth, swim through hoops at pool bottom 3 metres apart.
Swim 200metres continuously.

  • 50metres front crawl.
  • 50metres breaststroke.
  • 50metres backstroke.
  • 50metres survival backstroke or sidestroke.

Efficient stroke techniques must be used.

Dressed in swimwear, long pants and long sleeved shirt; perform the following as a continuous sequence:

  • Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method.
  • Submerge, feet first, swim underwater for 3metres.
  • Resurface. Scull, float or tread water for 3 minutes waving for help intermittently. Clothing may be removed.
  • Correctly fit a PFD while treading water and then swim 25metres and climb out of the water.

Using a suitable buoyant aid, accompanied (non-contact) rescue of a person 15metres from safety.
Recognising an emergency.


SwimSafer Gold

Advance Personal Survival and Swimming Skill Proficiency

Children will need to perform strokes with greater ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over 400 metres. Rescue skills and water safety knowledge will focus on lifesaving readiness. Standing dive and personal safety skills will continue to be taught at an advanced level.

SwimSafer Gold

Demonstrate a standing dive.
Keep face above the water surface for 60 seconds using legs only.
Search for and recover an object in 1.8metres of water depth.
Demonstrate equalizing of ear/nose.
Swim 400metres continuously

  • 100metres breaststroke.
  • 100metres front crawl.
  • 100metres backstroke.
  • 100metres survival backstroke or sidestroke.

Efficient stroke techniques must be used.
Dressed in swimwear, long pants and long sleeved shirt; perform the following sequence:

  • Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method, swim 5metres underwater to simulate an escape from a sinking boat surrounded by oil.
  • Swim a further 45metres as if escaping from a dangerous situation.
  • Swim slowly for further 50metres using any preferred swim stroke occasionally signaling for help.
  • Remove clothing in deep water. Fit PFD correctly while treading water, swim 100metres using appropriate strokes.
  • Demonstrate HELP techniques and climb out of the water whilst wearing the PFD.

To include progressive open water module.
Using a suitable buoyant aid, tow (non-contact) rescue of a person 10metres from safety. 
Principles on performing a rescue.

Swimming Rates

One-on-One Lesson from $240 per month
2 pax in a class from $130 per pax per month
3 pax in a class from $90 per pax per month
4 pax and above in a class mostpopular from $70 per pax per month

Children, include adults, derive the highest satisfaction from learning in a group setting. Form your own group and we will send a Swim Coach to your doorstep.

The above rates are applicable for all types of classes except for Corporate, Childcare Centre and Country Club Swimming Programs.

The rates might differ for Referral Classes, Adult Classes and Female Coaches. Kindly check with us for more information.

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