Advanced Swimming Lessons


Going Further and Beyond

The Advanced Swimming Program is specially formulated for children who have passed the SwimSafer Gold.

Children might drop out from swimming altogether as they thought there is nothing more to learn after achieving SwimSafer Gold and the SwimSafer Program marks the end of their swimming journey.

Nothing could be further from the truth! The SwimSafer Program focuses on personal survival and rescue skills but not on speed and endurance.

Therefore, Splash Swim Club has in place the Advanced Swimming Program to fill in the gap. The Advanced Swimming Program, known as the 'Fish Series', is proprietary to Splash Swim Club and the brainchild of the Head Coach.

Designed with the advanced swimmers in mind, the Fish Series focus on intensified training to improve the swimmers' speed, strength, endurance and stamina.

Swimmers can also track their own progress with the help of our Progress Chart and quarterly grading tests. You will know where you stand at every step of the way.


Fish Series

Owning the Waters

At this stage, most children would have acquired the necessary skills to be wonderful swimmers. Why not take it further by picking up advanced swimming skills and perfecting all four strokes while working on proper racing starts, turns and finishes.

Here, children start competing with themselves to better their personal records at each level as they progress.

Children learn best when they set a goal for themselves and achieve it. And, this makes learning more interesting and inspiring!

There are 5 levels in this series:
Swordfish, Flying Fish, Dolphin, Shark and Killer Whale.

Front Crawl 100m < 3:30mins
Breast Stroke 100m < 3:30mins
Front Crawl start
Front Crawl turn
Swim 400 meters continuously
flyingfishFlying Fish
Back Stroke 100m < 4mins
Breast Stroke 100m < 3:15mins
Front Crawl 100m < 3:15mins
Breaststroke start
Breaststroke turn
Swim 800 meters continuously
Butterfly 100m < 4mins
Breast Stroke 100m < 3mins
Front Crawl 100m < 3mins
Back Stroke 100m < 3:45mins
Back Stroke start
Back Stroke turn
Swim 1000 meters continuously
Breast Stroke 100m < 2:45mins
Front Crawl 100m < 2:45mins
Back Stroke 100m < 3:30mins
Butterfly 100m < 3:45mins
Medley 100m < 4:00mins
Butterfly start
Butterfly turn
Swim 1200 meters continuously
killerwhaleKiller Whale
Breast Stroke 100m < 2:30mins
Front Crawl 100m < 2:30mins
Back Stroke 100m < 3:15mins
Butterfly 100m < 3:30mins
Medley 100m < 3:45mins
Medley start
Medley turn
Swim 1500 meters continuously

Swimming Rates

One-on-One Lesson from $240 per month
2 pax in a class from $130 per pax per month
3 pax in a class from $90 per pax per month
4 pax and above in a class mostpopular from $70 per pax per month

Children, include adults, derive the highest satisfaction from learning in a group setting. Form your own group and we will send a Swim Coach to your doorstep.

The above rates are applicable for all types of classes except for Corporate, Childcare Centre and Country Club Swimming Programs.

The rates might differ for Referral Classes, Adult Classes and Female Coaches. Kindly check with us for more information.

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Our Programs are endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council – Sports Education Program

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