About Swimming Lessons

About Swimming Lessons

Teaching Children How to Swim From Young

If Swimming were a part of everyone’s daily routine, the world would be a happier place. We, at Splash Swim Club, certainly believe so.

Our Swimming Lessons have been around for over a decade and are unique since they are tailor-made to suit various age-groups. We cater to all Swimming capabilities with our Beginner Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level Swimming Lessons.

Better still, our Swimming Programs are certified by the Singapore Sports Council Sports Education Program (SSC-SEP). 

The SSC-SEP aims to encourage initiatives that advocate the importance of sports education and participation in schools and increase sporting opportunities for the young.

This endorsement is significant as it lends credibility to our Swim Club and reinforces our commitment to provide innovative and quality swimming programs in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our Swimming Lessons are imparted to children as young as 2 years of age. We provide you with a Progress Chart and quarterly grading tests to map your child’s advancement and improvement.

Guiding you at every step of the way are our highly qualified coaches, some of whom have been with us for over a decade.

Finally, once you’re done with your Swimming Lessons, we award certificates from Splash Swim Club as well as from the SwimSafer Program. This, amongst a lot more, is what makes us entirely reliable and dependable.

Since we have so much to offer for everyone, come join our swim club and be a part of our ever-expanding family. You’re going to love every second of your time with us!

Our Belief

“To provide children with the right swimming techniques and skills at the earlier age in a fun and relaxed environment. This leads to advanced training advantages as they are ready for more challenges to learn to become wonderful swimmers.”

Swimming Lessons for One and All

We have Swimming Lessons for kids and adults in individual or group classes. Whatever your choice, we will send a coach right to your doorstep at your preferred date and time. 

Our Swimming Programs are designed such that parents are aware of their children’s progress at every milestone. Each child will be professionally guided with the fundamentals of all four strokes from Beginner Level to Intermediate Level and through to mastering of the four strokes at an Advanced Level.

Quarterly Tests are conducted through the year to help you monitor your child’s progress from start to finish. You’ll take away certificates at the end of your Swimming Program that will always make for a fond reminder of your child’s Swimming Lessons with us and their achievements!

Why Should You Come To Us?

  • We do things differently, from the moment ‘Go!’ We know kids love the water and are natural born swimmers, which is why we don’t deprive them of their fun or a head start with their learning. Our Swimming Lessons are for kids as young as two years of age.
  • The Teddy Bear Series (age 2 – 4 years) is for the youngest of kids after which we have the Frog Series (5 years old onwards) and the Fish Series which are unique to our school. These exclusive programs for kids are designed by our head coach.
  • To top it all, while we have our own unique programs, we also incorporate our Swimming Lessons with the national SwimSafer Programs.
  • We save you the effort of asking questions with our quarterly grading tests and Progress Chart. These map your child’s abilities and achievements. You’ll know where your child stands at every step of the way.

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Our Programs are endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council – Sports Education Program

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