Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. How long is each swimming lesson?

Each swimming lesson is 45 minutes.

2. What if I would like to enrol for a 60 minutes swimming lesson instead?

Extra fees are chargeable for longer coaching time.

3. Are the fees payable monthly or per lesson? When do I have to make the payment?

The fees are paid monthly. Payment is to be made before the commencement of every first lesson in a new calendar month.

4. Can I join a class midway or quit midway?

You may join a class midway and the fees will be pro-rated. However, if you stop a lesson midway, no fees will be refunded.

5. Will there be make-up lesson if my child is unable to attend lessons for any reason?

A make-up lesson is only possible if the child is sick and upon submission of a medical certificate. The make-up lesson cannot be brought forward to the following month and has to be done within the same month, subjected to the timing and availability of the swim coach.

The make-up lesson is only possible for individual swimming lessons and not for group swimming lessons.

6. Termination of Lessons

If you wish to terminate a lesson, please inform Splash Swim Club in writing, one month in advance. Make sure you inform us before the commencement of a new lesson else you will be liable to pay that month's fee, which will not be pro-rated or refunded.

7. What if a public holiday falls on a lesson day?

No coaching will be conducted on public holidays to allow for our coaches to spend quality time with their families. As the fees are paid on a monthly basis, there will be neither make-up lessons nor fees reversal for public holidays.

8. Do you provide a trial lesson?

Yes. The trial lesson is chargeable at $60 for every 45 minutes.

9. What is your rain policy like?

The lessons shall commence, come rain or sunshine. During inclement weather conditions, dry land drill (indoor training related to swimming) lessons will be conducted instead.

10. What type of Swimming Lessons do you provide?

We provide Swimming Lessons for children, adults, corporations, childcare centres, individuals, group, country clubs and even short-term lessons for those who want to improve on a skill or learn swimming to sign up for a diving course or triathlon.

11. Is your syllabus endorsed?

The Splash Swim Club Swimming Program is endorsed under the Singapore Sports Council Sports Education Program (SSC-SEP) since its inception in 1996.

SSC-SEP aims to encourage initiatives that advocate the importance of sports education and participation in schools and increase sporting opportunities for the young.

This endorsement is significant as it lends credibility to Splash Swim 
Club and reinforces our commitment to provide innovative and quality swimming programs in a fun and relaxed environment.

12. What Swimming Programs do you have for children?
13. Do you give certificates to the children?

Certificates are given to children only when they pass the quarterly grading tests conducted in March, June, September and December. The tests are put in place to gauge the progress of children. Parents will be able to map their children's capabilities and achievements.

14. How will parents know the progress of their children?

The criteria (for passing a certain level) are printed on the certificates. The certificates also serve as a Progress Report for the parents. Parents may refer to the Progress Chart and will be able to track their children's progress from there.

15. Where do you conduct your lessons? Are you able to teach at my premise?

We conduct swimming lessons in all parts of Singapore and will send our coaches to your location at your preferred timing.

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